Ruach and Roll: The Story of Jews in Rock Music

Saturday, March 26, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM. Please join us for a music-filled tour of the history of Jews in rock’n’roll. From Alan Freed to Carole King, from Bob Dylan to Drake, we will discuss the lives of some of the greatest Jewish contributors to rock’n’roll, and we’ll play plenty of their amazing music along the way.

Online Tour of The Museum of Jewish Montreal

Wednesday, March 23, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM. A guide will provide a virtual tour of Jewish Montreal from the early 20th century to the 1950s. The tour covers 70 years and 10 city blocks combining narration and live discussion with archival images, oral histories, soundscapes and contemporary photographs.

Purim 2022

Purim is Coming!

Wednesday night, March 16th – Thursday, March 17th, Adar 14. At Congregation Etz Hayim, we have multiple opportunities for engagement for all ages and tastes:
Mishloach Manot, Purim Family Shabbat, Purim Carnival, Purim Shpiel: “Brave Queen Esther,” Matanot La’evonyim, and the Megillah Reading.

A Message from Rav Natan About Ukraine

Two weeks ago I shared with you a message asking for help for our friends in the Masorti/Conservative Community of Ukraine. Thank you so much for doing your part and helping them. Following is a message from them sharing how the resources were used and updates on their situation. Many of them were able to leave Ukraine already. Some families were welcomed by other Jewish communities in Hungary, Germany, and Poland. Others went to Israel and were welcomed by the leadership of Masorti Olami, the global organization of Masorti/Conservative communities.

Toy & Book Collection for NoVA RAFT

Thank you to all who donated toys and for the volunteers who helped sort the toys. We successfully delivered most of the toys to NoVA RAFT (Resettling Afghan Families Together), who reported that many of the “bikes, toys and books have already left with families on Saturday.” We will continue to supply them with toys for recent and new refugee families. This was a great joint project with our neighbors at Faith Lutheran Church. We hope to do more projects and events together!

Member Walking Group

One way we are promoting the value of Shmirat HaGuf (“guarding/taking care of one’s body”) is by starting walking and biking groups for adults during Religious School hours. These groups will leave CEH after the Family Minyan (approximately 10:00 AM) and be led by congregants. These group outings will often head to a local coffee shop and will accommodate your pace (this is not the Tour de France)! 

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