Toy & Book Collection for NoVA RAFT

Thank you to all who donated toys and for the volunteers who helped sort the toys. We successfully delivered most of the toys to NoVA RAFT (Resettling Afghan Families Together), who reported that many of the “bikes, toys and books have already left with families on Saturday.” We will continue to supply them with toys for recent and new refugee families. 

A huge thank you to Stephanie Barnes from Faith Lutheran for finding us the space to do this event at the church, providing a room to store everything in and driving a very large van down to the warehouse in Lorton. We went with her yesterday to deliver the second half of the donations. They are a really great community and we hope we can do more in partnership with them.

CEH members who helped with the toy and book drive were Rita Altman, Rachel Waldman, Bob Alcorn, Eva Kleederman and Paula Levin-Alcorn.

People can continue to follow NoVA RAFT on Facebook for additional ways to help. Yesterday they told us that they are very much in need of spring and summer clothing now. A few SAC members are attending a meeting on 3/10 to discuss helping new Afghan neighbors find jobs. We will have more info on that soon.

This was a great joint project with our neighbors at Faith Lutheran Church. We hope to do more projects and events together!

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