CEH Reopening Updates – March 2022

Services & Programs:

  • Vaccination is required to all above the age of 5. If you have not sent us your proof of vaccination yet, please send a picture of it to vaccine@etzhayim.net or present your card at the door.
  • According to the latest CDC Guidance (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/about-face-coverings.html), we are not requiring masks during religious services anymore.
  • We still encourage those who prefer to wear masks to do so, and masks will still be available at the door for anyone who wants.
  • We have more than 150 seats available in the Sanctuary. You are welcome to choose where you sit and whether you are distanced from others.
  • We are allowing food in the building and having Kiddush after services. Outdoor seating will always be available under a tent next to the Sanctuary.
  • All CEH staff and teachers are vaccinated and boosted.

Schools: Our Preschool and Religious School have specific guidelines that apply for their ongoing activities and are being shared directly with families enrolled.

  • All CEH staff and teachers are vaccinated and boosted.
  • Students above age 5 must show proof of full vaccination. 
  • Masks are required indoors for children above age 2, when developmentally appropriate.

Please get vaccinated and get a booster. CoVid 19 is a serious condition and unvaccinated people are a risk to themselves and others.

The Conservative/Masorti Movement, with which we are proudly affiliated, recently approved this Teshuvah in favor of vaccination, written by Rabbi David Golinkin (former CEH member):

“(…) since the discovery of the smallpox vaccine by Dr. Edward Jenner in 1796 it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccines against infectious diseases save the lives of millions of people every year while only a very small percent experience complications or die. Therefore, there is a halakhic obligation for Jews to vaccinate themselves and their children, unless their doctors determine that it’s dangerous for that specific person to be vaccinated due to a pre-existing condition.

Similarly, it’s halakhically permissible for a school or a synagogue anywhere in the world or the government of the State of Israel to enact a takkanah or regulation that one must receive a vaccination and to prevent an unvaccinated person from entering a synagogue, a school, or a shopping mall.

May God help the doctors finish developing, testing and disseminating the vaccines against Covid-19 as soon as possible in order to save humanity from this terrible plague.”

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