Yahrzeit Observances

July 20th - July 26th

Stanley Appel
Bessie Lockshin Briskin
Roman Bronheim
Rena Leatrice Cohen
Esther Cooper**
Jacob Diamond**

William Droller**
Ruth Goldstein**
Elizabeth Goldstein**
Samuel Goodman
Marilyn K. Greenfeld**
Rose Katz**

Frank Knott
Aaron Michael Krakow
Berta Lovinger**
Frederick Mayer**
Jeannette Okin**
Anne Rebecca Popkin**

Elsa Rapp
Leo Ross
Sadie Silverstein**
Myriel Solomon**
Marion Svedlow**

**Memorialized with a bronze plaque located in the Memorial Alcove. Each bronze memorial plaque bears the individual’s name and Yahrzeit date. Memorial plaques are illuminated during the Yahrzeit week. The plaques in our Memorial Alcove are a permanent part of Congregation Etz Hayim and serve as perpetual memorials.


Please list the yahrzeits that you would like to have acknowledged in the synagogue’s weekly program.

If you need to submit more than six names, please submit as many forms as needed.

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