Bar/Bat/B-Mitzvah Planning

Mazel tov as you begin planning your child’s Bar/Bat/B’Mitzvah Planning! This page is designed to help you get started and to be a resource for information you need. 

Due to COVID-19, many upcoming ceremonies will be online and families won’t be hosting the traditional Kiddush luncheon and/or holding a party after the event. We are continuing to list information for those events with an eye toward a time when we can resume celebrating in-person. This includes a list of resources/vendors that others have used. 

Happy planning!

Bar/Bat/B’Mitzvah Parent Handbook

Vendor Reviews & Information (This is a living document. Feel free to edit, add, and make comments.)

Rental and Room Reservations Forms: Rental Application and Room Reservation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of candy do you offer for throwing during the ceremony? 

The synagogue provides Sunkist fruit gems for all B’nai Mitzvah. This is the only permissible candy. 

Who pays for flowers and how do I order them?

Contact for more information.

How many chairs fit around a table?

You can fit 8 chairs comfortably around the circle tables, 10 chairs maximum.

How much help do I need to ask for/hire for a party at the synagogue?

This depends on how many guests you are having and how many different “activities” you have. For example, you may need someone to serve as a bartender. Additional help for evening parties can be arrange through the office.

Does the synagogue kitchen have wine glasses or coffee cups?

The synagogue does not have coffee cups, but we do have approximately 100 wine glasses.

What are the different room layout possibilities?

You can lay out the room however you can imagine it! Meet with office staff to discuss your plan.

When can I cook in the synagogue?

Cooking typically happens on weekday mornings, and is arranged so as not to interfere with Preschool kitchen usage. Please coordinate with the office to schedule all cooking.

What time does everything have to be at the synagogue?

Assuming it is a regular week and there are no holidays, everything needs to be at the synagogue by 4:00pm on Friday.

If I am having the Sisterhood cater my Kiddush luncheon, do I pay separately to rent the Social Hall?

Use of the Social Hall is automatically included at no extra cost for all sponsored kiddushes after Saturday Shabbat services.

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