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International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust by Rav Natan The next major Jewish holidays in our calendar, Purim and Pesach, are focused on the concept of Zachor, remembrance. We remember historical events of our shared collective memory as a People. These holidays are opportunities to learn divine values and moral behavior from our ancestral narrative. Not necessarily as they happened, but as we as people decided to remember our own history. This week, on January 27th, we remember a different kind of collective  Read More »

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Be Driven to Give Back : J-Rides by Social Action Committee

The needs in our Northern Virginia community are only increasing. That is why J-Rides, a member of the NV Rides family, is currently expanding its services to provide help where it is needed the most. Volunteers can help with: Contactless food deliveries from local food banksGrocery shopping and pharmacy pickup for homebound older adultsDaily check-in calls for isolated seniors J-Rides serves communities throughout Northern VA. They send out all of the requests to the driver  Read More »

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Message from CEH President – January 2021

This was a month of both horror and hope. Horror because of what happened on January 6th just a few miles from our building. The fact that a mob attacked the Capitol to nullify the results of an election was bad enough. But some of the images from that day held a special horror for Jews. The “Camp Auschwitz” T-shirt with “Staff” on the back, and the T-shirt with “6MWE” – standing for “6 Million  Read More »

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Jews in Space – Recap

On Sunday, January 17, CEH congregants went into orbit with an online tour of the exhibit “Jews in Space” presented by the Jewish Museum of Maryland. Our tour guide Talia shared many artifacts from the exhibit such as 18th and 19th century rabbinic books on astronomy, mementos from Jewish astronauts, and a timeline of Jewish accomplishments in astronomy and space flight. Our guide shared information, film clips and photos of Jewish astronauts including Jeffrey Hoffman,  Read More »

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The Torah of Joy by Rav Natan

וְנִשְׂמַח בְּדִבְרֵי תוֹרָתֶךָ וּבְמִצְוֹתֶיךָ לְעוֹלָם וָעֶד We shall rejoice in the words of your Torah and in your mitzvot forever and ever. It is crazy for me to realize that while I feel like I just arrived here not long ago, we are already getting ready to celebrate a milestone. I am talking about our graduation class of Torah Trope 2021! Over the past three months, twelve students have dedicated a lot of their time  Read More »

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Virtual MLK Day of Service: “A Day On, Not A Day Off”! – Recap

This year, CEH was again a proud co-sponsor of the Volunteer Arlington MLK Day of Service. CEH joined forces this year with the Arlington Rotary Club to make blankets for local nonprofits Bridges to Independence, AHC and ASPAN. These cozy blankets will comfort early readers and people experiencing homelessness. Some CEH members participated in this project, and some members chose other projects and advocacy training workshops. Rav Natan helped distribute blanket kits to volunteers. An  Read More »

Love, Justice and Equality by Rav Natan

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Love, Justice and Equality by Rav Natan Pesach is coming! We are almost 2 months away from celebrating our own particular story of Freedom. Year after year we join our families to fulfil a central commandment of our tradition. “In each and every generation one must view oneself as though each one of us personally left Egypt”. The process of leaving Egypt is a continuous event. The Torah teaches us that the first steps of the journey from oppression to liberation  Read More »

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Holy Chow! Kosher Chinese Restaurant

Order from Holy Chow and pick up in the CEH parking lot. Delivery date: Monday, January 25th, 5:00 PM To order, you can place your order online or call the store. · Order online at - Order Online. · Register as a new customer. · Place your order. · When prompted, select "catering" and write in the order notes that it is for Etz Hayim. · Remember that you can place your order until  Read More »

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Moti’s Market – Kosher Grocery

Order from Moti’s and pick up in the CEH parking lot. Delivery date: Tuesday, January 26th, 5:00 PM To order, follow the instructions below: · Order online at · Register as a new customer. · Start shopping! · When prompted, select “pick up” at Congregation Etz Hayim on Tuesday, January 26, 5 pm. · Continue thru the prompts until provided the opportunity to complete payment and “place order”. · Remember that you can make  Read More »

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A teaching from the Garden of Eden by Rav Natan

Have you ever experienced that moment when something bad happened and you think: “Did I do everything I could to prevent this? What are your feelings when the answer is positive? What is your reaction when the answer is negative? Do you also think if there is still something that maybe you can do that will help at least a little bit? At this point, is it because you really want to change that or  Read More »

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