A Message to Congregation Etz Hayim

Dear Congregation Etz Hayim, this week we read parashat Tazria. Next week, parashat Metzora. It was exactly around this parashiot that we changed our lives to protect each other and shelter in place two years ago. As I read these texts again this year, I have mixed feelings. I feel hopeful yet afraid. Optimistic while holding back. I count multiple blessings on my life right now while seeing our world being destroyed outside my little bubble.

A Message from Rav Natan About Ukraine

Two weeks ago I shared with you a message asking for help for our friends in the Masorti/Conservative Community of Ukraine. Thank you so much for doing your part and helping them. Following is a message from them sharing how the resources were used and updates on their situation. Many of them were able to leave Ukraine already. Some families were welcomed by other Jewish communities in Hungary, Germany, and Poland. Others went to Israel and were welcomed by the leadership of Masorti Olami, the global organization of Masorti/Conservative communities.

A Message from Rav Natan on Ukraine

Dear CEH community,
We share the concern and the pain with our fellow communities and all the people in Ukraine right now.
Yesterday, Masorti/Conservative communities from around the world gathered together to pray for the well-being of our brothers and sisters and all those in Ukraine under attack. Rabbi Reuven Stamov spoke directly from Ukraine with the latest updates of our communities there.

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