Yasher Koach to Our Religious School Staff

Our school is successful because of the hard work and dedication of our staff. I’d like to offer them each a Yasher Koach and share some of their personal accomplishments with you.

CJ Burka – Received her Master’s degree in Social Work from George Mason in May 2020.
Ellie Fried – Graduated high school and will attend Tufts University.
Sharon Kaps – Completed 14 years teaching at CEHRS. Will not be teaching next year to spend more time with baby Gavin.
Jeana Kimelheim – Graduated HS and will attend Temple University.
Will Rivlin – Completed 5 years teaching at CEHRS and will teach music for the Jewish community in Cape Town, South Africa next year.
Amandy Sky – Received her Bachelor’s degree from American University.
Adam Wassell – Completed 5 years teaching at CEHRS. Will not be teaching next year to spend more time with family and on professional goals.

Although none of us has a crystal ball, we are looking forward to these teachers and madrichim returning to staff next year: Robyn Norrbom, CJ Burka, Amanda Sky, Sam Blake, Abby Cohen, Anna Edwards, Sophia Edwards, Dina Howard, David Rosman, Emma Rosman & Jacob Singer.

We wish all the best to Kara Sherman who will be taking more time for her studies and hopes to study abroad next year.

Thanks again to parent contributions, our staff will celebrate our school year with an online brunch this Sunday, June 7 after Religious School. Each teacher received a $30 gift card to purchase brunch (and madrichim received $10 Starbucks cards). We’ll brunch, schmooze, and enjoy a virtual tour of Machane Yehuda, the shuk (market) in Jerusalem. Teachers who are leaving CEHRS will also receive a gift to commemorate their tenure with our shul.

And a special TODAH RABAH from Religious School staff and families to our wonderful Morah Laura, Religious School Director, for a wonderful year and for transitioning the Religious School to a virtual platform so that CEH kids could continue their Jewish education in the midst of a pandemic!

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