Omer Learning: Day 30: Improving our Environment

The Count

Tonight we count the following day of the Omer:

Today is 30 days, which is 4 weeks and 2 days of the Omer

See: The blessings and procedure for counting the Omer.

Today’s Learning

The topic of today’s learning is Improving our Environment. It was contributed by Ben.

Arlington recently started a table-top composting program. My wife and I were skeptical at first (I think my exact quote was: “ewww!”). We gave it a try. Wow, this is awesome! What used to go in the trash, now gets put to real use. I’m sold! Give the program a try if you haven’t already

If your county doesn’t offer composting as part of trash collection, look into what other options are available. I’m telling you, the feeling you get when you repurpose, rather than trash food, is amazing.

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