No School? No Problem!

With a very busy month of holidays, preschool can be hard. As soon as we adjust to our schedule, along come the holidays which tend to throw our littlest friends off-kilter. Maintaining consistency in the classroom while teaching holidays can be a challenge.

However, our teachers are amazing. Over the past few weeks, they have continued to explore the holidays with the children while simultaneously keeping kids safe and happy. Here are some of the highlights from the past month.

The Chatool Class built a classroom sukkah (as did Shafan and Parpar) and spent time shaking the lulav and smelling the etrog. They also enjoyed stories and songs in their sukkah.

The Shafan Class learned about bees and crated their own honeycombs,  and as part of our Rosh Hashanah Celebration, they experimented with beeswax and water colors.

The Parpar Class took things a step further, reciting the blessing for Sukkot and learning about which body parts the Lulav and Etrog remind us of.

Back in September, the Pilim Class enjoyed a day out at Long Branch Nature Center. There, they practiced Taschlich by casting of fish food in the creek, symbolizing things they were sorry for doing in the past.

One of the biggest highlights of the fall has been our tomato plant. Our summer camp kids planted a delicious chocolate cherry tomato plant, and we have been enjoying tomatoes all fall! While the tomatoes are delicious, they sadly do not taste like chocolate or cherries.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

*October 29th and 30th: Preschool Picture Day

*November 1st: January Enrollment Opens

*November 5th: Parent/Teacher Conferences. Classes do not meet. Childcare is available during your child’s conference.

*November 11th: Professional Development, School Closed

*Wednesday, November 19th: Thanksgiving Celebration: Chatool and Pilim

*Thursday, November 20th: Thanksgiving Celebration: Chatool, Shafan and Parpar

*November 27th-29th: Thanksgiving Break, School Closed

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