May the 4th Study vs Action

A very wise master once said:”Luke! You must complete the training.”
Luke: “I can’t keep the vision out of my head. They’re my friends. I’ve got to help them.”
Yoda: “You must not go!”
Luke: “But Han and Leia will die if I don’t.”

There is a great Talmudic debate about what is more important: studying or action.

Rabbi Tarfon holds that action is more important but for Rabbi akiva studying is greater than the action itself.

All the Rabbis in the Beit Midrash came and said that Rabbi Akiva was right: Study is greater than action.

They shared that the reason why study is more important, is because we believe that study leads into action.

The kind of study we are talking about is the kind of study that fills us with that need to really go out and do something with it.

We don’t want to study for the sake of knowledge itself and just have a pile of content and knowledge that we just know it; but rather, we prefer to have knowledge and wisdom that we can do something with it.

I want to bless us all today with the opportunity to engage in that kind of good study. The kind of study that we really want to bring to our lives and transform them into action every day of our lives.

May the fourth be with you and may we continue to grow and learn more Torah together.

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