Torah Repair Event Recap

Last Sunday, we welcomed soferet Alexandra Casser into our Sanctuary where we joined her in the process of writing a Sefer Torah. It was a blast!

“Thank you all for your generosity and for making Sunday’s event a great success! For those of you who were able to come in person, I hope you enjoyed the experience of helping to repair our Torah while learning a bit about the process from our Soferet. It was great seeing so many of you there.”

-Dan Rosman, VP of Fundraising

“I couldn’t be more proud of our community for stepping up in performing this mitzvah. I’m glad we were able to bring our kids and religious school students to participate in such a memorable experience. May we grow spiritually in our lives, uplifted by the beauty of our Torah.”

-Rav Natan

Thank you to Chris Kagy for once again stepping up as our resident photographer! Here is a link to the photos. Password: CEH2022

Here is a copy of the program to memorialize this special day.

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