Message from CEH President – March 2021

In a few days from when I write this (though you may be reading this only afterwards), we will once more be telling the Passover story – how we were in bondage to a wicked ruler who would not let us go. This past year, we’ve been in bondage to a mindless virus – although unlike Pharaoh, it did nothing to keep us from leaving our homes to spread it to others. No, staying locked up was something we had to take the responsibility to do ourselves, in order to protect our relatives, friends, community, and country.

Some people have already had vaccines, and can once again travel safely. Others are still waiting. Thanks to technology, however, it has been possible to still be with our family and friends virtually. I hope you were able to attend our Trivia Night earlier this month. I can’t find any indication that Zoom lifted the 40 minute time limit on personal accounts for Pesach. However, you can always start a new session, and Zoom did extend the account time limit for Jewish congregations to cover Shabbat and the following two days of chag, including our second night seder.

We are working on our plans for safe reopening. The Religious Committee is discussing how to have “hybrid” services of an in-person minyan plus remote attendees. This is not from a safety standpoint – that’s the job of the Reopening Committee – but making sure the services feel meaningful and inclusive to those not yet able to join us in person.

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