Social Action Advocacy Resources

Standing up for human rights, especially refugees, and vulnerable or marginalized groups is an American value and a Jewish value. The CEH Social Action Committee is pleased to provide some resources for those who want to participate in advocacy on these issues. This is not an exhaustive list, but will help you get started!

Federal Government and Representatives

Contacting your elected representatives is easier than ever.  Just follow the links to send an email or call your representatives.

Virginia State Governor and Representatives

Please consider action at the state level as well—particularly important as Virginia will elect a governor and state legislators this year. The Virginia legislature is currently considering bills that would make voter registration more challenging for minorities, and require nonprofit resettlement agencies and their local affiliates to submit annual reports concerning individuals resettled (such as where they were placed, age, gender, and national origin) to the Department of Social Services.  For more information on bills, contact the Jewish Community Relations Council.  (See below.)

Organizations working on Refugee Resettlement and Jewish Advocacy

These organizations frequently coordinate email campaigns, giving you an easy way to contact government officials using pre-written talking points.

Ways to Support Refugees and Immigrants

While CEH cannot sponsor a new family at this time, we will continue to support refugees already in the United States. Refugees are in need of help to learn English, establish themselves here and find jobs, as well as pro bono legal and medical services. We can also support campaigns to fight for justice, provide sanctuary, and improve the lives of immigrants and marginalized populations.

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