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Want to make our community a more equitable and environmentally healthy place to live? Of course you do! Which is why you should participate in this year’s Omer Learning project.

The Omer Learning project is a virtual study session that connects the Etz Hayim community through a practical Jewish topic. It strives to be informative and easy to participate in.

This year’s topic is on the Shemitah Year. This biblical commandment to let the land rest every seven years seems equal parts esoteric and impractical. However, the Rabbis understood Shemitah as far more than an agricultural strategy. It was also a call for an environmental and social realignment. Every seven years, the land was to rest and rich, poor and even animals were to have equal access to it. At the end of the Shemitah year, debts were forgiven; a dramatic step to lift up the poor.

The goal of this year’s Omer Learning project is to share accessible actions we can take to reach the Shemitah Year’s lofty goals of a more healthy and equitable community.

The Omer Learning project will run between April 16th and June 3rd.

Participating Is Easy

Sign up to receive the Omer Learning e-mails. You can do so by visiting our signup form below. If you’ve received past Omer Learning e-mails, then there’s no need to sign up again.

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Visit our Omer Learning Tips Submission form. Here you can provide specific suggestions on a number of topics, including: rest, the environment, community equity and assisting animals. These suggestions will power the Omer Learning and will be shared with the community as we make our way through the Omer Learning project.


All Omer Learning content is published to our website and to our Facebook page.

We mark the 49 day time period between the second day of Passover and Shavuot through a practice known as Counting the Omer. The process of counting is relatively simple: you recite a blessing and then note the amount of time that has passed since the count started using a special formula. You can learn more about the practice here. There’s a tradition that we use the 49 day period for spiritual growth. The Omer Learning project honors this tradition.
Not at all. This is a great opportunity for the diversity of our community to shine. One person may be eager to share tips about animals, while another may be ready to share suggestions about Shabbat.
Sure. Submit as many tips as you’d like.

Absolutely.  We hope that discussion of the project will inspire submissions, so please share ideas from your family and friends with us.

The Omer Learning e-mails are intended to be short. They’ll outline the daily Omer Count and share one tip or brief aspect about the Shemitah Year.

Not at all. We plan to publish the Omer Learning to both our Facebook Page and Twitter. All entries will also be available on our website.

Submissions will typically carry the first name of the individual or family that submitted it. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply provide ‘anonymous’ as your name.

Yes! Family and friends are encouraged to participate. The Omer Learning project is open to all.

Send an e-mail to or use the form below to submit questions.


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