Keeping Israel in Our Hearts

Pray for the Hostages

Please join us as we stand together in community during the war in Israel.

All services at CEH now include prayers for the wellbeing of those impacted by the war in Israel, the safety of its citizens and the safe return of the hostages. 

Click here to read Rav Amelia’s October 13th/14th Shabbat D’Var Torah.

The CEH community has been matched with the Masorti Kehillah (congregation) of Kfar Vradim in northern Israel as a “sister synagogue” through the Conservative-Masorti Movement. Tragically, a member of their community, Romi Gonen (age 23) was abducted by Hamas. A chair with a siddur and draped with a tallit remains empty in our first row as we pray for and wait for her return to her family.

JCRC Vigils at the Embassy of Qatar

Gather with the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and community members at the Qatari embassy to peacefully demand Qatar exert maximum pressure on Hamas to set free all remaining hostages. Click here for information. 

Bring Them Home Now

Click here to read the stories of hostages still being held in Gaza, to share their stories, and to email your local representatives, urging their support in securing the release of all those who were brutally taken hostage.

Israel Food Rescue: Volunteer Mission to Israel

Looking to volunteer in Israel? B’nai Israel Congregation is sending a volunteer delegation, led by Federation shlicha (Israeli emissary), Uriel Lin, March 4-8 through Israel Food Rescue. Volunteers should be willing to perform physical labor, including picking crops, sorting produce, planting and pruning, or packaging food for transport. Click here to learn more.

Help Those in Need

Click here to give to organizations who are supporting Israel during the current crisis.

CEH Marched for Israel

CEH members joined almost 300,000 others for the historic March for Israel on November 14, 2023.

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