Thursday Morning Minyan

The Essentials

When: Thursdays, 7:00am

Where: Congregation Etz Hayim

How long does it last? Usually, about 45 minutes

Best for: members, non-members, kids and adults! Anyone who’s interested in getting a spiritual jump-start to their day

Dress Code: come as you are! From shorts and sandals to suits and ties, whatever works for you works for us.

Kid Friendly Score (0 = adults only, 10 = just for kids): 7. Kids and the commotion they bring are welcome! The shorter service may be ideal to introduce kids to many of the prayers found in longer services. And because there are no Shabbat restrictions, if your child wants to play on a phone or tablet works, too. With all that said, the content of the service isn’t targeted to kids, so they may not be able to follow along.

Tips: stay after services for bagels (and usually lox)! With a relatively small crowd, it takes just a couple visits to become a regular.

Mitzvah Matters: coming to minyan helps insure that we have 10 adult Jews present at services and that those who are in mourning or have a yarhzeit can say the Kaddish. For those who wish to say Kaddish, it’s a profoundly appreciated when you can be there to help make a minyan.

Contact: Mail to get more information about Thursday Morning Minyan.

The Rest of the Story

Thursday Morning Minyan is an opportunity to get a spiritual workout at the start of your day. Join us as we daven the morning prayers and if we have 10 adult Jews, read from the Torah. Everyone is welcome at this relatively brief service. We hope you’ll stay for bagels and lox afterwards!

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