Thank You Morah Laura!

Our dear Morah Laura ended her tenure as Director of Religious Education and Programming this past June. On July 8th we honored her for the wonderful six years she worked with our community as we blessed her for the next steps of her professional journey.

Before Kabbalat Shabbat, we began to hang up mezuzot in the library and upstairs classrooms, a project that Morah Laura was working on. To honor her, we started with the library because of all the incredible work she has done over the years to take care of the space and make it accessible to members and students. This room would not be complete without adding a mezuzah to honor her.

Kabbalat Shabbat services and a special Oneg followed.

During services, Rav Natan shared the following about Morah Laura:

“Morah Laura is a wonderful member of this community. She taught us when to question and stand up for the right causes, and when to listen and learn from our mistakes. She volunteers in her free time to help feed our community. She is a fierce advocate for anyone or community who feels vulnerable in our society. She is the best ally anyone could have. And still, she doesn’t pretend to be the one to solve all the problems or know it all. She embraces each one of us, bringing people together, as a community should be. Morah Laura, these doors are and will always be open to you. We love you and we will miss you.”

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