Tashlich 2017

After spending the day in formal prayer, Tashlich is a refreshing way to connect with the High Holy Days season. Have a personal and spiritual moment as we engage in the tradition of ‘casting off’ our sins using bread crumbs. And besides, who doesn’t love chucking bread into a stream?

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We’ll start walking to the stream after first day Rosh Hashanah services end, which should be around 1:00pm on Thursday, September 21st. If you’re up for it, the walk to the stream is a great way to connect with fellow congregants. The walk is approximately one mile, so expect the Tashlich service itself to begin around 1:30pm. And if walking isn’t an option, we’ll be glad to meet you stream-side.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this brief service, which is a mixture of both communal and personal prayer. We will provide the bread — no need to bring your own. The service is definitely kid friendly,  but be aware that the walk is a little over a mile, and little ones will most likely be tired and hungry after a day of services. Feel free to bring snacks and/or opt to drive to the stream.

We’ll start our walk in the front of the Synagogue and our destination will be the small stream located at S. 6th St. and S. Quincy St. You can see our walking route and the destination here:

Need more information? Contact Ben Simon: chief.gabbai@etzhayim.net

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