How Shmirat HaGuf Relates to the 4 Mitzvot of Purim

Do you know the four mitzvot of Purim? Let’s look at them through the lens of Shmirat HaGuf (Taking Care of Our Bodies).

1) Listen to the Megillah (Book of Esther). Jews are commanded to listen to the Megillah on Purim. How does this relate to Shmirat HaGuf? Many studies show that being part of a community is beneficial to physical and mental health. For an extra dose of Shmirat HaGuf, join us on Wednesday, February 28 at 6pm (partial reading) and Thursday, March 1 at 7am to hear the Megillah twice!

2) Mishloach Manot (Sending Gifts of Food). Jews are commanded to send gifts of at least two food items to friends and family. Exercise the value of Shmirat HaGuf by sending a healthy piece of fruit along with the traditional hamantashen.

3) Matanot La’evyonim (Sending Gifts to the Poor). On Purim we are commanded to give gifts to at least two poor individuals, with the suggested amount being enough money to purchase a meal, or the equivalent in food. Display Shmirat HaGuf by donating healthy foods to a local food bank, such as AFAC.

4) Seudah (Festive Meal). You can eat, drink and be merry and still perform Shmirat HaGuf by partaking in moderation. Although on Purim we are encouraged to drink until we cannot distinguish “Blessed be Mordechai” from “Cursed be Haman,” know your limits.

Laura Naide,

Hamantashen Baker


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