Omer Learning: Day 38

The Count

Tonight we count the following day of the Omer:

Today is 38 days, which is 5 weeks and 3 days of the Omer

See: The blessings and procedure for counting the Omer.

Today’s Learning

Pirkei Avot 6:6 tells us: Greater is learning Torah than the priesthood and than royalty, for royalty is acquired by thirty stages, and the priesthood by twenty-four, but the Torah by forty-eight things.

The 38th way is: Who judges with the scales weighted in his favor

From our community:

On the Shabbat of April 22nd, 2023 we had a delightful D’var Torah given by Ariela Kilinsky. During Covid, Ariela (like the rest of us!) picked up some new hobbies. One of which was exploring the Torah through her own lens. This passion project has developed into a newsletter that’s available for subscription here:

(If your Portuguese is rusty, have no fear, Google Translate can translate her work for you)

Ariela’s project is a reminder of the power of publishing as a means to learn a topic. Whether it’s a Substack Newsletter, a Blogger Blog, a YouTube Channel, a series of Tweets or TikTok shorts–picking a topic and publishing your perspective is an excellent way to deeply learn and understand this topic.
–Omer Bot

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