Omer Learning 2016 – The Final Countdown

We’re fast approaching the completion of the counting of the Omer for 2016 and the holiday of Shavuot. On that note, a huge thank-you to everyone who contributed wisdom for this year’s Omer Learning Project. This project simply wouldn’t be possible without those generous gifts.

A few other odds and ends worth noting:

Apologies to Beth W. for my mangling the formatting of the poem she submitted. Please check out this version which is far more legible.

Another correction: Day 37’s second bit of wisdom should have been signed off as: Mothers-in-law. That was my goof, and thanks to Jane B. for catching it.

Don’t forget to join us this Saturday (6/11) at 9:30pm at the Rabbi’s house for a study session and ice cream. You did the hard work of counting the Omer, you’ve earned the ice cream! (OK, maybe not, but who needs an excuse to eat ice cream?)

Finally, services for the holiday of Shavuot will be held on Sunday (6/12) and Monday (6/13) at 10:00am. Join us for hearing the reading of the 10 Commandments!

Thanks for making this year’s ‘counting’ a success!


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