Message from Erika Robinson’s Family

Many of you have been involved and supportive throughout our mother’s journey from hospital to rehab to home. Thankfully she has done very well, thanks to well wishes, visits and other kindnesses by you and others in her caring community, and by the devoted care of her live-in caregiver, Zeny.

Which brings us to the current situation. It seems that mom’s caregiver, Zeny, might be facing some health issues of her own. She has begun a series of doctors visits and tests, but for now, it remains to be seen about how serious her symptoms will become or what her treatment may entail. She has been told that emergency care may be needed at some point. If that were to happen, our mother would need someone who could come be with her, until one of her children can arrive. (Two of mom’s children live 3 hours away.) It would be a very quick and short-term request, but one that may happen day or night.

We wondered if you might know anyone who would be willing to be called (at any hour of the day), and would be able to make that type of commitment to stay with mom for those hours. We realize that this is an exceedingly large request that comes at a time when all of us are facing a national health care crisis. Should someone be willing to do this, we would of course compensate that person for their time. Contact:

We remain grateful to Etz Hayim for any support that might be offered.

Our sincere thanks,
Ken Robinson, Marlene Schillinger, and Lorraine Der

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