Event Recap: BBQ & Kashrut Lesson w/ Rav Natan

For 20’s & 30’s – In Partnership w/ Moishe House Arlington
In partnership with Moishe House Arlington, Rav Natan prepared and grilled a variety of chicken, turkey and beef cuts that he shechted (kosher slaughtered) himself or purchased from KOL FOODS, the only source for glatt-kosher, 100% grass-fed regenerative domestic beef and heritage poultry.
When it comes to topics of ethics and environmental concerns around eating habits, it is so important to “walk the talk” of these core values. With this in mind, Rav Natan led over 40 young adult attendees in a conversation about Kashrut and what we can do to make these concepts a reality…while simultaneously grilling!
The program was so well received folks are already inquiring about the next opportunity to gather for more Torah and BBQ! Yasher Koach to Rav Natan and the Moishe House Arlington team on such a fun, education, and DELICIOUS event.

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