CEH Supports Israel

Please join us as we stand together in community during the war in Israel.

All services at CEH now include prayers for the wellbeing of those impacted by the war in Israel, the safety of its citizens and the safe return of the hostages. 

The CEH community has been matched with the Masorti Kehillah (congregation) of Kfar Vradim in northern Israel as a “sister synagogue” through the Conservative-Masorti Movement. Tragically, a member of their community, Romi Gonen (age 23) was abducted by Hamas. A chair with a siddur and draped with a tallit remains empty in our first row as we pray for and wait for her return to her family.

Click hereto give to organizations who are supporting Israel during the current crisis.

Click here to read Rav Amelia’s October 13th/14th Shabbat D’Var Torah.

Congregation Etz Hayim on November 14, 2023

CEH members joined almost 300,000 others for the historic March for Israel on November 14, 2023.

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