B’nai Mitzvah Profile: Ally Shenk

What is your full name?
Ally Shenk

Where were you born?
Arlington, Virginia

What is the date of your Bar Mitzvah?
April 18, 2020

How long have you been in our Religious School? What is your favorite subject?
I have been at CEH all my life, beginning in the preschool when I was 2 years old.

What Haftarah will you be chanting?

Has anyone else in your family become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah here?
My sisters, Aidan and Cady.

What school do you attend? What is your favorite subject?
Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Computer Science.

What are your hobbies or extra-curricular activities?
I play field hockey and I love art.

What accomplishments are you proud of?
I am proud of my grades in school.

Please write a thoughtful statement about what becoming a Bar Mitzvah means to you.
Becoming a Bat Mitzvah means I can fully participate in services with everyone.

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