Beit Midrash Recap

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Fathers & Sons, Politics & Scandal
Presented by Ken Ackerman

In this class, Mr. Ackerman explored Albert Cardozo’s friendship with famously corrupt Boss Tweed, and how his actions impacted his son Benjamin (later a Supreme Court justice).  

Talmud and the Rabbinic Revolution
Presented by Rav Natan

In this class, Rav Natan led a discussion of a Talmudic sugya (passage) about Tikkun Olam – repairing the world – as an example of the Rabbinic Revolution that was happening at the time the Talmud was written. The class explored the historical context in which the Talmud was written and the political challenges of the times. Rav Natan challenged the class to reimagine our religion without the Temple, which allowed Judaism to flourish outside of the land of Israel.

Jewish Pluralism 
Presented by Rav Natan

In this class, Rav Natan led a discussion about Jewish pluralism. While the pluralistic nature of our religion provides Jews a diversity of options for belief and practice, there are challenges to this unique characteristic of Judaism. Is there a limit to our pluralism? Who decides what the limits are? The class explored rabbinic texts in an attempt to better understand how we can retain the essence of Judaim while encouraging diversity through pluralism.

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