Bar Mitzvah Profile: Jonah Ascoli

What is your full name?
Jonah Nathan Goldin Ascoli

Where were you born?
Fairfax County, VA

What is the date of your Bar Mitzvah?
May 23, 2020, or 29 Iyar 5780

How long have you been in our Religious School? What is your favorite subject?
I’ve been in the Etz Hayim RS since 5th grade. Music is my favorite activity to just do at home.

What Haftarah will you be chanting?
Samuel 18:20-42. That’s the story of Jonathan’s inspiring friendship with future King David.

Has anyone else in your family become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah here?
My older brother Gabriel did two years ago; another brother had a ‘destination’ bar mitzvah in upstate NY with Rabbi Bass officiating. That’s how our family was introduced to Etz Hayim!

What school do you attend? What is your favorite subject?
I’m finishing 7th grade at Lake Braddock Secondary School. I like math because it comes naturally.

What are your hobbies or extra-curricular activities?
I like coding programs, practicing music, and playing soccer with my brothers.

What accomplishments are you proud of?
Becoming a Bar mitzvah, learning two instruments (viola and piano), and being able to code an AI program for a game (“connect four”).

Please write a thoughtful statement about what becoming a Bar Mitzvah means to you.
Becoming a Bar Mitzvah to me means I acquire many rights and responsibilities that I previously did not have. Here are a few: I’m expected to make more decisions for myself; I am able to lead services; and I can go to bed later. Also, being Bar Mitzvah to me is like a passage of time, a landmark.

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