A Bissel Torah – 03/18/2020

Today, I offer you a prayer for this turbulent time.

Make me like the disciples of Aharon HaKohen,
Loving and pursuing peace,
extending kindness to all human beings
and bringing them close to the teachings of our tradition.[1]

When there is a need for healing, may I be present, with love.
When there is darkness and misunderstanding, may I bring the light of our tradition.
When our community feels depleted, may I bring the strength to inspire us to be there for one another. When sadness overtakes other feelings, may I have an open heart.
When fear is all that can be sensed, may I be able to see the goodness that exists in our world.
When insecurity and misunderstanding threaten our human connection, may I have the strength to bond with my different communities.

At this time, when we are all confused and afraid, I urge us to find different ways to connect with each other. We do have to practice physical distancing, ensuring that we are conscientious about our health and the health of other people. I prefer the term “physical distancing”, which implies that even though we cannot be in the same place at the same time, we know that we are here for one another, that our community cares, and that we are loved. Let us not allow this quarantine to separate us in spirit. When we feel disconnected, or when staying at home takes its toll, make a phone call, send an email or a text to people we haven’t talked in a while. Or share with our friends and families some of the things we are doing during this time. Let’s ensure that we don’t have communal distancing.

B’virkat shalom VeBriyut,
With blessings of peace and health,

Rabbi Lia Bass

[1] Adapted from Avot D’Rabbi Nathan, 12:1

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